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Presentation “Marina and living spaces on the water: How to integrate them into the city” AIVP Days, France 2011
Presentation “Renewable Energy for Marinas” and “The German example: integration with the city and the coast”, Green Ports Genoa, Italy 2011
Presentation „Maritime potentials of development in upcoming countries”, 6. Yacht harbor ­ Symposium, boot Düsseldorf, Germany 2010
Presentation “Marinas - Design and Quality Requirements” AMEA International Marina Conference, IMC meeting secretary, Lebanon 2010
Opening speech at “Belgrade Boat Show”, presentation “Marina Design”, Belgrade boat show, Serbia 2010
Presentation „Marinas in demographic change“, Forum “Maritime Tourism, Development possibilities for maritime tourism”; Germany 2010
Presentation „Marinas – Design and Quality Requirements”, Workshop of Baltic Sailing, Denmark 2010
Presentation „Quality requirements for yacht harbors nowadays“, Symposium „Where sails Schleswig-Holstein? Trends in sailing tourism,” of the state project “Quality offensive in sailing tourism” Germany 2010
Mile Stone Conference for the realization of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament) initiative „Improve infrastructure and marketing for Water tourism in Germany “, Germany 2010
Presentation “Marinas: Design requirements“ and Member of the scientific committee, “World Channel Conference”, Serbia, 2009
Presentation “Transformation of industrial sites into Marinas”, Conference Chairman, Conference “Future of Marinas and Refit Facilities”, Malta, 2009
Presentation “Waterfront development and design requirements for Marinas“, Barcelona Meeting Point Conference, Spain 2009
Workshop „Rework the technical Regulations" from the Federal Parliament Initiative „Infrastructure and Marketing for Water tourism “, Federal Ministry for Traffic and Urban Development, Berlin; Germany 2009
Workshop “Water tourist potentials in Patagonia” economy promotion „Boat tourism in Patagonia“, invitation by CORFO, Chile's foreign ministry, Chile 2009
Working Group “Catalogue of prefabricated marina elements” Recreational Navigation of PIANC, Belgium 2009
Scientific study “Nautical activities: What impact on the environment” by the „European Confederation of Nautical Industries“ ECNI, Belgium 2009



IMC meeting secretary and Presentation “Water sport development in South India”, Turkey 2009
Presentation “Marinas: Design requirements“ World City Water Forum, Session Chair, South Korea, 2009
Presentation „Revitalization of industrial waste land at the waterfront“, Invitation of the Europe Union, Germany, 2009
IMC meeting secretary and Presentation “Water sport potential in South Chile”, Russia 2009
Presentation “Marina Design” and “Transformation of industrial Sites into Marinas”, Session Chair, International Marina Conference, Belgium, 2008,
Presentation “Quality Requirements for Marinas” International Conference on Boating and Yachting, Brazil, 2008,
Presentation “Marinas: Design requirements and economic factor” International Conference on Boating and Yachting, India, 2008,
IMC meeting secretary and Presentation “Economy factor yacht harbors in Germany, Surveys and Examples”, Greece, 2008
Presentation “Quality requirements for modern leisure harbors”, Symposium “economy factor leisure harbor in the State of “Schleswig-Holstein”, Germany 2007
Presentation „Concepts and development of water tourism facilities“ Symposium “Water tourism on the upswing“ of the DSFT Berlin, Germany 2006
Presentation „Development of urban waterfronts, water sport trade for future use of industrial waste land”,  Yacht Harbor Symposium, Germany, 2006
Workshop “Master Plan Ruhr” for the Rhine-Ruhr Area, Member of the Symposium “Region at the water”, Germany 2006